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7 Maintenance Tips to Extend The Life of Your Automotive Battery

7 Maintenance Tips to Extend The Life of Your Automotive Battery

What are maintenance tips to extend the life of your automotive battery?

  1. Choose the right battery
  2. Clean your car regularly
  3. Always test your battery
  4. Don’t leave your car unused for a long time
  5. Keep your battery tightly fastened
  6. Don’t use electronics when the engine is off
  7. Have your battery checked by a professional


  • Understanding battery lifespan factors and choosing the right battery can enhance battery life and performance.
  • Regular car cleaning prevents potential damage and maintains car condition, providing a good driving ambiance.
  • Regular battery checks, proper fastening, limited electronics usage when the engine's off, and frequent use ensure battery longevity and vehicle safety.

Are you tired of dealing with frequent battery replacements and want to ensure that your devices remain powered for longer periods? Batteries are prone to failure due to various factors such as natural aging, terminal corrosion, overcharging, undercharging, and exposure to extreme temperatures. Understanding the causes behind battery failure and learning preventive measures can save you time, money, and the frustration of unexpected breakdowns.

To offer you peace of mind and reliable performance on your journeys, we've curated simple yet highly effective techniques to extend the life of your automotive battery. These are designed to help extend the life of your automotive battery, ensuring a smoother and more reliable driving experience.

Choose the Right Battery

Beyond regular maintenance, the durability of your car battery hinges on its brand and type. Premium brands prioritize high-quality materials, innovative technologies, and strict manufacturing processes, resulting in robust, long-lasting batteries.

Battery types like Motolite AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) or Motolite EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) offer distinct performance levels and longevity based on their construction and intended use.

That’s why choosing a reputable brand known for reliability is crucial. Motolite, with its rich industry experience and unwavering commitment to quality, stands as the top choice for automotive batteries in the Philippines. Kami sa Motolite, na may ekspertong karanasan at dedikasyon sa industriya, ay unang pinipili ng masa pagdating sa mga baterya ng sasakyan sa Pilipinas. Kami ay kilala sa aming maaasahan at pangmatagalang baterya.

Clean Your Car Battery Regularly

Dust, grime, and engine vibrations contribute to debris around your battery, while moisture and chemical reactions cause terminal corrosion. This can hinder the proper flow of electrical current and may affect the overall performance of the battery. That’s why during your biweekly car clean, don't overlook the engine bay and battery area.

Ensure the engine is off and wear protective gear. You can opt to use a solution of baking soda and water to gently scrub the terminals and surroundings. Rinse the battery with water and thoroughly dry it. For added protection, apply petroleum jelly or a protectant to prevent future corrosion. You should remember to avoid spillage into the battery cells or connectors while cleaning to maintain optimal battery health.

But if you’re not sure what to do or how to clean your battery, leave it to the experts! Have your battery tested and cleaned by professional battery technicians in official Motolite outlets.

Always Test Your Battery

Always Test Your Battery

Regularly testing your car's battery is vital in maintaining its reliability and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. A weak battery can cause starting issues, leaving you stranded at the most inconvenient times.

To test your car battery at home, you'll need a multimeter. First, ensure your vehicle is off and in park or neutral. Open the hood and locate the battery. Set the multimeter to the voltage setting, connecting the red lead to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal. Note the voltage; a fully charged battery should read around 12.6 volts.

Start the engine and retest; a reading above 14 volts indicates overcharging, and below 13 volts suggests an issue with the charging system. Perform this test every few months, especially before extreme weather changes or long trips.

You can perform a battery test every three months or before extreme temperature changes occur. You may also opt to visit the official Motolite service centers and outlets and have your battery checked by our technicians to ensure that everything is okay and working correctly.

However, if you expect your family to be traveling long journeys, you should conduct tests before then. Responsible drivers should also be careful to notice any symptoms of battery-related problems, such as slow cranking or flickering lights.

Don’t Leave Your Car Unused for a Long Time

Leaving your vehicle idle for extended periods poses a risk to your battery's health. Batteries naturally self-discharge, and various systems within the car, like alarms and onboard computers, constantly draw power even when the vehicle is not in use, eventually draining the battery.

To counteract this, it's beneficial to regularly operate your car or employ a trickle charger when the vehicle remains inactive for extended durations. These measures help prolong the battery's life and maintain consistent performance when you're back on the road.

Keep Your Battery Firmly Secured

Constant engine vibrations and regular vehicle use can cause car batteries to gradually loosen over time, potentially leading to unstable connections. That’s why it’s important to regularly inspect and check on the battery.

Tightening battery connections is vital as it guarantees stable electrical contact. Firm connections prevent power loss, overheating, and voltage irregularities caused by loose terminals. This stability optimizes the battery's charging and discharge cycles, minimizing strain on its components.

To tighten the battery, first, turn off the engine. Then, use a wrench or socket to securely fasten the battery terminal clamps onto the posts, ensuring a snug fit without over-tightening. Confirm that the connections are secure, free from corrosion, and firmly fixed to maintain proper electrical flow.

Reducing resistance in the electrical system through tightened connections ensures the battery operates efficiently. A well-maintained battery with properly secured connections experiences fewer issues, leading to an extended lifespan and dependable power delivery to the vehicle's systems.

Don’t Use Electronics When The Engine Is Off

Don’t Use Electronics When The Engine Is Off

Cars are designed to charge the battery while the engine runs. Using accessories such as lights, the radio, or air conditioning with the engine off can drain the battery, adding undue strain and causing early wear, potentially leading to failure.

So always remember to switch the engine off when idle. This advice is especially vital for those aiming for uninterrupted comfort and safety on family trips. Consistently following this practice can prevent sudden breakdowns, ensuring seamless and hassle-free journeys.

When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

Determining when to replace your car battery depends on several factors. A typical battery lifespan is around 3-5 years, but extreme weather conditions, frequent short trips, or excessive use of electronics can shorten this. Signs like slow engine cranking, dimming headlights, or electronic issues indicate a dying battery. If you experience these, consider replacing them.

Opt for Motolite's Express Hatid Delivery Service for a hassle-free replacement. You call any of the official hotlines:

  • Metro Manila: (02)8370-6686
  • Provincial Toll-Free: 1-800-10-370-6686
  • Globe: 0917-891-6686
  • Smart: 0918-843-6686

You may also download the Motolite Res-Q App (available on Apple Appstore, Google Playstore, Huawei App Gallery) for emergency roadside assistance.

We provide free battery delivery and installation in Metro Manila and key cities nationwide. Our trained technicians can perform battery diagnostics, recharging, and a basic electrical check-up. Trust our expertise for a quick and efficient solution to your battery needs.

Key Takeaway

Safeguarding your vehicle's longevity is crucial and these techniques to extend the life of your automotive battery ensure reliability in your every journey.

Go for a reputable name like Motolite when choosing batteries - a choice for quality that translates into peace of mind on the road. Stay proactive, ensure regular check-ups, and choose quality products to enjoy uninterrupted, safe drives. For inquiries, contact Motolite at our website.

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