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How to Check the Health of Your Automotive Battery at Home

How to Check the Health of Your Automotive Battery at Home

How do you check the health of your automotive battery at home?

  1. Crank your engine
  2. Check for rust and corrosion
  3. Listen for clicks
  4. Perform a battery test with a power probe and voltmeter
  5. Use a virtual battery tester
  6. Request a Battery Check through the Motolite Res-Q app


  • Your car's battery is crucial to its performance. It's essential to identify signs of deterioration over time.
  • Using tools like power probes, voltmeters, and virtual testers helps diagnose your battery's health and prevent future issues.
  • Recognizing when to replace the battery is vital. Signs include clicking sounds, corrosion, and slow engine cranks.

Think of your car’s battery as its beating heart, pivotal to its smooth operation. However, similar to other vehicle components, it’s not indestructible, and over time, it starts to wear down which could result in various potential problems.

Being aware of the signs that indicate your battery needs attention is fundamental. This knowledge can be your best bet against unexpected disruptions and can help keep your journeys smooth. In this article, we'll guide you on how to check the health of your automotive battery at home, ensuring your vehicle runs consistently just the way you like it.

Crank Your Engine

Cranking an engine is one of the easiest ways to assess your car's automotive battery health at home, as it's part of the routine at the start of every drive. This process involves initiating the engine's startup by turning the ignition key or pressing the engine start button. The action engages the starter motor, rotating the engine's crankshaft, initiating the combustion process by igniting the fuel-air mixture, and beginning the engine's operation.

If your engine cranks smoothly, your battery is likely in good shape. However, a slow crank could indicate a weak or aging unit. Consistently checking this helps prevent sudden breakdowns that might leave you stranded. Keep an eye on this vital aspect of your car's health for peace of mind on the road.

Check For Rust And Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are harmful elements that pose a threat to your car by disrupting its vital linkage between the battery and the vehicle's overarching electrical system.

Examine its terminals closely for signs of corrosion, noticeable as a white, green, or blue powder, while rust appears reddish-brown. These indicate potential battery damage or loose connections.

Regular inspection of the terminals for these blatant signs of deterioration can aid in keeping your car battery in its best health. This is because early detection opens the avenue for simple cleaning countermeasures, or if necessary, replacement, effectively averting more severe, costly damages in the future.

Listen For Clicks

Listen For Clicks

Clicks in a car battery commonly occur when attempting to start the engine. If the engine doesn't start and there's a rapid clicking sound as you turn the key, it suggests insufficient voltage for the combustion process. This rapid clicking signifies the unit can't provide enough power to engage the starter motor.

Listening attentively to uncommon noises coming from your car can prove to be a straightforward method to regularly monitor its health, and to an extent, your car’s health. It’s as simple as turning on your car and listening for a disruptive clicking sound.

Perform A Battery Test With A Power Probe And Voltmeter

Conducting a battery evaluation with equipment like a power probe and voltmeter imparts explicit revelations about your car battery's vitality.

A voltmeter measures the voltage at different battery stages, providing readings indicating battery health. On the other hand, a power probe can power a circuit, test components, and simulate situations to offer a more comprehensive performance analysis.

Essentially, both tools can be used for testing, but a power probe can offer a more comprehensive diagnosis of the battery’s health. At the same time, a voltmeter provides a more straightforward voltage measurement.

Use A Virtual Battery Tester

A virtual battery tester software or application, which is accessible via a device, such as a smartphone, or laptop, simulates scenarios, measures voltage, and tests battery components to deliver a comprehensive overview of its performance.

Its key advantage lies in its ability to predict future issues alongside identifying current problems, thus aiding timely preventive maintenance. Moreover, it's easy to use and readily available, requiring no expert skills and needing no specialized knowledge to operate.

For this reason, a virtual battery tester serves as an essential tool for maintaining the vitality and longevity of the unit, ensuring your vehicle stays reliable and efficient.

Request a Battery Check through the Motolite Res-Q app

Request a Battery Check through the Motolite Res-Q app

If you’re not yet confident in conducting the much-needed check of your automotive battery or you don’t have the right tools on hand, you may also opt to download the Motolite Res-Q app (Available at Apple Appstore, Google Playstore and Huawei App Gallery) and request for a Battery Check up from an official technician at the comfort of your own home!

No need to go to an official outlet to have your battery checked, we will go to you. The technician will advise you on what to do and even bring a replacement battery if needed and your battery is still within warranty.

When Should You Replace Your Car Battery

Knowing when to change your car battery is key to good performance. Here, we’ll delve into how you can identify these symptoms and the steps you should take moving forward.

At Motolite, you can rely on us for car battery replacement with our Express Hatid delivery service. We provide free battery delivery and installation in Metro Manila. You can reach us at the following numbers:

  • +63 (2) 8370 6686 (Official Hotline)
  • +63 917 891 6686 (Official Globe)
  • +63 918 843 6686 (Official Smart)
  • +1 800 10 370 6686 (Provincial Toll Free)

Key Takeaway

Your car's health is vital, and learning how to check the health of your automotive battery at home is a key part of this. As we've shared, easy checks right at home can uncover any issue your car might be hinting at. If these signs point towards a dying battery, do remember, assistance is just a reach away.

We at Motolite are here to assist you because we recognize how important a trustworthy battery is. Get in touch with us today!

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