Be Insured on the Go: CTPL Now Available Through the Motolite RES-Q App

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is what drivers long for, especially when it comes to mandatory requirements like car insurance.

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance is a legal necessity for all vehicle owners, from private cars to trucks and motorcycles, ensuring protection against liabilities in case of injuries to third parties in an accident. Understanding the importance of easy access to such essentials, Motolite has taken a significant leap by integrating CTPL insurance offerings directly into the Motolite Res-Q app.

This innovation eradicates the necessity of waiting in lines at LTO/accredited outlets to get your vehicle's insurance. Furthermore, it not only simplifies the process by making it available online but also ensures that it's offered at the most competitive rates.




Motolite Res-Q App is your all-weather partner for roadside assistance and emergencies. From battery replacement and emergency refueling to overheating and tire assistance, the application has been a lifesaver for many motorists in distress.


CTPL insurance


The addition of CTPL insurance offerings on this platform is a testament to Motolite’s commitment to enhancing driver convenience and safety. Users can now manage their vehicle's essential needs all in one place, which simplifies ownership and maintenance.


1. Unbeatable Convenience

Vehicle owners can purchase or renew their CTPL insurance through the Motolite RES-Q App, eliminating the need to visit physical branches or fill out tedious paperwork. This can be done anywhere, anytime, right from your fingertips.

When it comes to making payments, the app offers several convenient options. You can pay using credit or debit card or through online bank transfers such as BPI and UBP. Additionally, mobile wallet payments such as GCash, Grabpay, and Billease are available. This array of payment methods ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction, enabling you to focus more on the road and less on the paperwork.

2. Lowest Rates Guaranteed

By offering competitive pricing, Motolite ensures that our CTPL insurance is an economically wise choice for all vehicle owners. You don’t have to shop around to find the best rates because we are readily available with just a few taps on your smartphone.

3. Immediate Coverage

Once the CTPL insurance is purchased through the app, the coverage starts immediately. There's no delay, ensuring that you are legally covered without any gaps.

4. Trusted Service

For over 100 years in the automotive industry, the service comes with a guarantee of reliability and trust. Users can also access a variety of other car maintenance services, which means more benefits from a single, trusted provider.


The price of a CTPL policy will depend on what vehicle you go with. Prices vary depending on your vehicle, ranging from as low as P296 to approximately P1,496 for one year of coverage.

According to Motolite's insurance provider, Paramount, the cost of a CTPL policy for motorcycles, tricycles, and trailers will be P296 for one year of coverage.


  • The cost of a CTPL policy for a private car, including jeeps and utility vehicles will be P606 for one year of coverage.
  • The cost of a CTPL policy for light/medium trucks (own goods) not over 3, 930kgs. will be P656 for one year of coverage.
  • The cost of a CTPL policy for AC and Tourist cars will be P786 for one year of coverage.
  • The cost of a CTPL policy for Taxi, PUJ, and mini bus will be P1,146 for one year of coverage.
  • The cost of a CTPL policy for heavy trucks (own goods) and private buses over 3,930 kgs. will be P1,246 for one year of coverage.
  • The cost of a CTPL policy for PUB and Tourists bus will be P1,496 for one year of coverage.



  1. Download or access the Motolite RES-Q App.
  2. Go to Other Services on the app
  3. Select Vehicle Insurance
  4. Fill in the vehicle information
  5. Confirm and check out
  6. Check all the information in the checkout page
  7. Select your preferred payment method
  8. Pay via online payment
  9. Receive the insurance policy via the app and via email


The integration of CTPL insurance into the Motolite RES-Q app highlights a shift towards a more integrated car management solution. In this era of digital convenience, managing your vehicle’s necessities through the Motolite RES-Q App is not just smart; it’s essential.

For inquiries on in-force policies of your Motolite Res-Q Insurance, you may contact Paramount’s Policy Services Department and for clarifications regarding applications, you may contact the Marketing Team of Paramount Direct at +63287729264 or access

Download the Motolite RES-Q App Now! Visit the Motolite website or search for Motolite Res-Q in your App Store, Google Play or the App Gallery. Stay insured on the go and drive worry-free tomorrow!