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Motolite’s on demand 24/7 roadside assistance service, free on mobile or tablet.

But because of the community quarantine, RES-Q services are only available from 8am to 6pm. Have your RES-Q services scheduled in advance instead!

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, Motolite RES-Q gives you peace of mind while on the road.

With RES-Q, help for a dead battery, flat tire, overheating, or empty fuel tank is just a few taps and clicks away.

How it Works
  1. Register your vehicle.
  2. Select the service you need.
  3. Verify your details and destination.
  4. Get RES-Q’ed!

Flexible Payment Options

You may pay with via Cash or Credit Card.


Motolite Res-Q

Battery Troubles

"We can check or service your current Motolite battery, or delivery a new Motolite battery for FREE!"

Tire Troubles

Got a Flat Tire? We’re ready to help you!


Let our technicians help you diagnose your car’s engine cooling system.

Empty or Low Fuel

Running out of fuel? We can provide this for you!

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RES-Q gives trustworthy and reliable roadside help, a first of its kind in the Philippines.

RES-Q is the country’s first App-based roadside assistance service.

And it’s easily accessed with just a few clicks on your mobile device.

RES-Q has Real-time locating system.

You can monitor the location and ETA of the authorized service rider-technician for added peace of mind.

RES-Q service fee is free of charge

- Free of charge if your vehicle has a Motolite battery installed.

- Non-Motolite battery users availing of the service will be charged a minimal fee.

- Does not include fees for radiator coolant, fuel, and car battery purchase.

Res-Q is initially available in Metro Manila only.

Download now and enjoy hassle-free driving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Res-Q needs a stable data connection for you to request services and to track the location of our rider. If you don't have a stable data connection, please call our hotline at (+632) 8370-6686.

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards issued in the Philippines.

We accept COD (G-Cash payment is now accepted), local credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards for battery purchases. We only accept cash payment for flat tire, refuel and overheat transactions.

Once you have successfully submitted your request, you will be able to see the progress of your transaction on your mobile device on the Res-Q App screen.

Once your order/ service has been assigned to a Technician Rider, you may be able to see his/her contact details in the App. If no Technician Rider has been assigned yet, you may call our hotline at (+632) 8370-6686.

Yes, our Technician will provide you with a Sales Invoice/Official Receipt.

Delivery for Motolite battery purchase is free of charge.

Not at this point. Our Res-Q Services are currently available in the following areas: 1. Metro Manila; 2. Carino, Baguio City; 3. Binan, Laguna; 4. San Pablo, Laguna; 5. Sta. Cruz, Laguna; 6. San Fernando, Pampanga; 7. Calicanto, Batangas; 8. Sto. Tomas, Batangas; 9. Dasmarinas, Cavite

Please call our hotline at (+632) 8370-6686 to check on the status of the battery recharging. You may also call our Mobile Numbers: Globe - 09178916686 / Smart - 09188436686. Battery recharging normally takes up to 5 calendar days to complete. We will also get in touch with you when your battery is ready to be returned.

You may call our Customer Support Hotline: (+632) 8370-6686. You may also call our Mobile Numbers: Globe - 09178916686 / Smart - 09188436686 or email us at You may also reach out to us through our Official Facebook Page (Motolite Express Hatid).

No, RES-Q roadside assistance for overheating only includes the addition of coolant/water to your radiator, to get you back on the road and to a nearest car service center.

RES-Q tire assistance only includes help in replacing a flat tire using your functional spare tire.

Replacing a tire properly will take about 30 minutes. This is due to having to take the tire off the car to inspect it properly.

  • Low coolant
  • Faulty water-pump
  • Faulty thermostat
  • locked radiator
  • Blocked coolant hose(s)
  • Slipping fan-belt
  • Head gasket failure
  • Minimum fuel delivery is 4 liters.