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5 Types of Automotive Batteries: Which One is Right for You

High-Performance Batteries

What are the types of automotive batteries Motolite provides?

  1. Everyday use batteries
  2. High-performance batteries
  3. Top-of-the-line maintenance-free batteries
  4. Commercial and heavy-duty vehicle batteries
  5. Advanced battery technology


  • Automotive batteries are essential for starting the engine and powering various vehicle systems. There are different types of batteries available on the market depending on the type of automotive you own.
  • Motolite provides a diverse range of automotive batteries, each catering to specific vehicle types and performance needs. Whether for high-performance cars, daily commuting, heavy-duty vehicles, or advanced technology, Motolite stays at the forefront, ensuring reliable and innovative battery solutions.

Automotive batteries are like the heart of a car, supplying the necessary power to start the engine and keeping various systems running smoothly. There are now various types of automotive batteries, each designed to meet specific vehicle and performance needs. Understanding these types is crucial for making informed choices about your vehicle's power source.

Everyday Use Batteries

For most vehicles on the road, Motolite provides a lineup of batteries crafted for everyday use. These batteries are perfect for your daily commute, family cars, and typical driving conditions.

Among these, the Motolite Enduro stands out, designed for enduring performance, providing reliable starting power and an extended service life. Its versatility extends across various vehicles, from sedans to SUVs. Whether you're shuttling kids in the carpool or navigating daily commutes, this battery is crafted to handle the routine demands of urban and suburban driving adeptly.

High-Performance Batteries

High-Performance Batteries

If you're after the best possible performance from your vehicle, high-performance batteries are the choice to make. Tailored for sports cars, high-performance sedans, and vehicles with advanced electrical systems, these batteries are built to ensure maximum power and reliability.

Motolite Gold takes the lead in this category, designed to deliver exceptional starting power. Ensuring a quick and reliable ignition every time, it distinguishes itself with an extended lifespan and unparalleled reliability, setting it apart from other products on the Philippines market.

Top-of-the-Line Maintenance-Free Batteries

Maintenance-free batteries offer unparalleled convenience, sparing drivers from regular water level checks and minimizing the risk of acid exposure. Not only do they boast enhanced durability and reduced corrosion, but they also promise an extended service life, catering to the needs of modern vehicles with sophisticated electrical systems.

Motolite Excel maintenance-free batteries exemplify exceptional durability and consistent performance. Tailored for worry-free operation, they stand as the preferred choice for individuals seeking a low-maintenance yet highly reliable battery.

Motolite offers diverse options in this category:

  1. Motolite Excel: The top-tier maintenance-free variant, ideal for vehicles demanding peak performance.
  2. Motolite Excel AGM: Recognized for outstanding moisture retention and seamless integration with stop-start systems.
  3. Motolite Excel EFB: Specifically crafted for local driving conditions, featuring low-type plates, reinforced frames, and optimized wire design for an extended lifespan.

Commercial and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Batteries

Commercial and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Batteries

It’s no secret that the streets of Metro Manila are populated by buses for public transportation and trucks for cargo handling. These commercial vehicles have unique power requirements compared to everyday automotive because of their size and the demands of long-haul transportation.

Here at Motolite, we understand the specialized, important needs of heavy commercial vehicles. That’s why we offer a range of batteries.

Motolite's commercial and heavy-duty vehicle batteries, namely Motolite TruckMaster, Motolite LM Enforcer, and Motolite Champion PM, are engineered to provide robust and reliable power for larger vehicles. These batteries are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use, including frequent starts and stops, extended idling, and heavy electrical loads.

Advanced Battery Technology

Advancements are also made in automotive batteries. These aim to enhance its performance, efficiency, and overall capabilities. These may include features such as improved energy density, faster charging times, longer cycle life, enhanced safety mechanisms, and compatibility with advanced vehicle systems like stop-start technology.

Motolite stays at the forefront of these innovations, offering batteries that incorporate advanced technologies to enhance performance and efficiency. These batteries are designed to meet the evolving power requirements of modern vehicles.

The Motolite Excel AGM battery is specially engineered to outperform traditional AGM batteries, excelling in moisture retention and seamlessly integrating with stop-start systems. Meanwhile, the Motolite Excel EFB battery delivers extended performance and exceptional durability with its innovative low-type plates, reinforced frames, and optimized wire design.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the right types of automotive batteries is a critical decision that can impact your vehicle's performance and reliability. Motolite offers a comprehensive range of battery options to suit various needs, from high-performance and everyday use to top-of-the-line maintenance-free and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

When selecting your next automotive battery, consider your vehicle type, usage patterns, and specific requirements to make the best choice for a reliable and worry-free driving experience To help you, Motolite’s website offers an updated Battery Finder function to recommend the right battery for your automotive vehicle.

Don't compromise on your battery choice; choose Motolite, the trusted choice for many Filipino car owners. For any inquiries, reach out to us at:

  • NCR: 8370-6686
  • PROVINCIAL: 1-800-10-370-6686
  • SMART - 0918-843-6686
  • GLOBE - 0917-891-6686

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