Data Scientist
Date posted: March 30, 2023
Working set-up: Hybrid
Employment type: Full-time
Location: Quezon City


The primary function of the Data Scientist is to create and optimize algorithms and computer programs that will add value to the business through operational efficiency or revenue growth.


  • Perform data mining, predictive modeling, and process optimization, which include regression, classification, operations research (OR), and machine learning.
  • Develop programs/applications that will help optimize the day-to-day operations and support the decision-making processes within different departments.
  • Conduct experiments, collect and clean data for analysis and model creation, and implement results into target departments or product applications.
  • Update the predictive model parameters as new batches of training data are available
  • Create appropriate documentation after completion of data science projects
  • Provide support to end users and proactively engage with users to refine data science solutions
  • Keep abreast with data science tools and methodologies
  • Scope, manage, and deliver own projects within the set timeline and ensure their alignment with the business needs and expectations of the assigned department.
  • Perform other related tasks as directed by superiors.


  • Familiar with any programming language (R, python, Julia,, VBA, MATLAB, Octave, etc.)
  • Strong at numerical analysis and has taken courses covering advanced Mathematics
  • Familiar with statistical regression, classification, and other predictive modeling techniques.
  • Familiar with the concepts and procedures behind any modern Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, etc.)
  • Proficient in any modern data visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI, d3.js, Qlik, etc.)
  • Able to quickly adapt to new processes and learn emerging technologies for Big Data and Analytics.
  • Effective in project management - scoping and delivery according to set requirements and timelines.
  • Effective in technical communications