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What is the Best Truck Battery

What is the Best Truck Battery


  • Motolite is recognized for its durability and widespread service, making it the top choice for many Filipinos.
  • Motolite TruckMaster is a robust commercial vehicle battery for extensive applications.
  • We provide a comprehensive 15-month warranty for private and haulage vehicles and 6 months for commercial use through the user-friendly Motolite RES-Q app.

It’s no secret to the Filipinos that trucks navigate bustling cities and rural areas. Their drivers tirelessly transport goods, making them the lifeblood of numerous businesses across the country. At their core, the importance of a reliable truck battery should not go unnoticed.

Ensuring these heavy-duty vehicles have the right power source is crucial for uninterrupted operations. Motolite shines as the top pick. Known for durability and widespread service. Maasahan ang Motolite. We stand out as the natural choice for truck batteries for many Filipinos. Keep reading to learn why.

Understanding Truck Batteries

Understanding Truck Batteries

The power capacity of truck batteries significantly differs from that of regular vehicles due to the distinct demands of heavy-duty applications. Trucks, often larger and equipped with more extensive electrical systems, require batteries with higher reserve capacity (RC).

The RC acts as a safety net during prolonged stops or idling. In the trucking industry, where extended stops are common, this ensures the continuous operation of essential electrical systems, such as communication devices and safety features. A higher RC value means the battery can sustain these systems for a longer duration without dropping below a specified voltage level. This is crucial for trucks, as it prevents power interruptions during extended halts, contributing to the seamless flow of goods and services.

Introducing Motolite TruckMaster

Introducing Motolite TruckMaster

The Motolite TruckMaster stands as a robust heavy-duty commercial vehicle battery, meticulously crafted to endure the demanding requirements of extensive trucking, construction, and other rigorous applications.

Featuring a sturdy design with thicker plates and exceptional cranking power, the TruckMaster battery ensures longevity and reliable starts, even in hot weather conditions. Its innovative plate design safeguards against shedding and corrosion, coupled with a vibration-resistant build for sustained performance.

What to Look for in a Truck Battery

Choosing the right truck battery is vital for the efficiency of heavy-duty vehicles, whether traversing tough terrains or facing prolonged stops. This section sheds light on key features such as durability, resistance to extreme conditions, and ease of maintenance, offering insights into what ensures a smooth and uninterrupted operation for trucks, the backbone of logistics and transport.

Battery Size

The importance of considering the battery size for trucks lies in matching the power requirements of the vehicle's make, model, and engine specifications. Choosing the right size ensures optimal performance, as an inadequate size can lead to insufficient power, frequent breakdowns, and potential damage to the electrical system.

Proper battery size is crucial for heavy-duty vehicles, supporting their demanding operations and promoting reliability on the road. It aligns the power supply with the vehicle's needs, contributing to a seamless and efficient performance, crucial for the consistent flow of goods and services across various terrains.

The Motolite TruckMaster has 10 different battery sizes that cater to the different types of trucks on the market:

  • 2D / F51 / 12/ LM
  • 8D / H52 / 200 / LM
  • 6SM / E41 / 100 / LM
  • 3SM / N70 / LM
  • 4D / G51 / 150 / LM
  • 2SM / D26 / N50 / LM
  • 6SM / E41 /100 / MF
  • 8D / H52 / 200 / MF
  • 4D / G51 / 150 / MF
  • 2D / F51 / 120 / MF

Battery Type

Choosing the appropriate battery type is crucial for meeting the distinct needs of heavy-duty trucks. This decision significantly impacts performance, lifespan, and maintenance requirements.

Opting for a Maintenance-Free or Low Maintenance battery can reduce downtime and operational expenses. It ensures a steady power supply for crucial systems, fostering safety and efficiency. The selected battery type influences the vehicle's resilience against harsh conditions and prolonged stops, pivotal considerations in the demanding trucking industry.

The TruckMaster battery offers two variants, Maintenance-Free and Low Maintenance, providing flexibility for users to align with their specific operational requirements, thereby enhancing overall performance and durability.


A car battery warranty is more than a promise; it's a shield against defects, a testament to the manufacturer's belief in the battery's robustness. Serving as a safety net, it instils peace of mind, offering financial protection for unforeseen issues and fortifying the user's confidence in the battery's reliability.

At Motolite, our commitment extends with a comprehensive 15-month warranty for private and haulage vehicles, and 6 months for commercial use. Accessible through our user-friendly Motolite RES-Q app, this online warranty ensures easy registration and keeps users informed about their battery warranty status.

Key Takeaway

The Motolite TruckMaster stands out as the premier heavy-duty battery in the Philippine market, trusted by countless drivers for their daily endeavors. Don't hesitate—secure yours today. Reach out to us for any inquiries about this exceptional product or explore our comprehensive range of offerings.

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