Specialty Batteries for Motolite

Motolite’s specialty batteries are primed to power non-combustible vehicles, watercraft and deep power installations. In non-automotive or non-traditional applications you can depend on these batteries to go the distance dependably. 

We made sure to retain the accessible design across our specialty batteries for easy installation, and included unique features that accommodate power delivery requirements native to electric and renewable energy functions. You can be certain, on the course or on the road, that our batteries will deliver power consistently and without interruptions. 

The Solarmaster, Motolite’s dedicated deep-cycle solar battery, is designed for solar installations and other applications that require minimal maintenance. It’s loaded with all the deep-cycle battery features you could possibly need: long life, low discharge rate, long discharge period and excellent cycling capability. 

For watercraft and minor marine vessels, our Seamaster battery provides superior starting power, impact and vibration resistance and low self discharge. The Seamaster won’t fail you, even in the most turbulent of situations.

Specialty Batteries by Motolite