Automotive Batteries

Motolite automotive batteries are designed using state-of-the–art technology and are manufactured under the strictest of standards. That's why Motolite is the battery brand of choice by automotive manufacturers and experts. With a proven track record of dependability, you can be sure that our auto batteries, and everything else in our range of other products and services, will serve you well. Whether your regular drive is to-and-from work or long-distance one, we have the right battery for you.

Motolite also has batteries for heavy duty use. Our line of low-maintenance batteries is ideal for taxis, PUJs, trucks, buses. Sizeable loads and constant roaming will need the most reliable automotive battery, and when your living depends on it, even more so. Ensure performance and longevity with a Motolite battery powering your vehicle. 

Every time you purchase a Motolite battery, you are assured of:

  • Trusted dependability and long service life.
  • Reliable performance even in extreme road and weather conditions.
  • Tropicalized® technology for hot weather conditions in tropical countries.

Whether your car is made in the country or overseas, it will face the same problems as any vehicle operating in the Philippines. It will perform as you expect, but only with the right accessories. Long-lasting, efficient power under the searing heat is not something everyone can guarantee, but here at Motolite, we have been doing it ever since.

As a local battery manufacturer, we are more capable of addressing car battery needs in the country. We have been doing it for so long that now, we have automotive batteries in a number of price brackets, all of which comply with the specific sets of requirements.

Motolite offers the widest range of Maintenance Free and Low-Maintenance automotive batteries.

Motolite AutomotiveBatteries