Trading Your Used Battery

Trading Your Used Battery

In Motolite distribution centers, you’ll earn cash by trading in your used car battery. Despite being empty on charge, your car battery still has recyclable parts that will help us reproduce batteries and demand less from the environment.

Trading in your used car battery is also a proper disposal method. This is a much better option than leaving them somewhere in your home or on the streets. Doing so will cause environmental damage and may pose danger to the people around. If you’re buying a new unit, Motolite can give you a better deal if you trade in your car battery.

Used battery trade in is a good practice to promote among drivers in your social circle and your family. Help us spread the word, and trade in old batteries yourself. Whether by cash or battery discount, we won’t let you go home without getting anything back. 

Let us worry about disposing your car battery. Don’t let it sit idle; get money for your used car battery or get better deals for your new one!
If you have more questions, feel free to call our hotline. We are always open to answer questions, as well as provide batteries in the middle of the night. Anything you need concerning the same, trust that Motolite can help.

Motolite Trading your used battery