Automotive Battery Tips

1.      Basic Maintenance

o    Remove the battery from the tray, and make sure to detach all the clamps using proper tools (i.e. battery terminal puller, combination or battery wrench and battery pliers)

o    Clean corrosion residue on top of the battery, especially in the terminals with a simple solution consisting of water and baking soda.

o    Wipe grease and other liquid substances around the unit to prevent grounding.

2.      Check up

    o    Use a voltmeter to determine the charge level.

    o    If you can, check the electrolyte level by removing the covers found on top of the battery and filling the holes with distilled water. The battery should be half full. If the water starts leaking anywhere, replace the unit immediately. As for the electrolyte level, use a hydrometer and draw a solution from each cell. You should be looking at readings of 1.265 or higher for a fully charged battery. Fair readings will hover around 1.250 to 1.230, but recharging is necessary for readings below 1.200.

    o   Make sure the battery's fit is secure. Batteries that shake consistently may short circuit or even knock the car out indefinitely. 

3.       Battery Monitoring

    o   Look out for power hiccups that typically manifest in the electronics of the car during start up or even while driving. When in doubt, check everything that requires power from the battery.

    o  If the voltmeter reads below 12.2, be very careful about driving the car. It means it has less than half the charge. As a safety precaution, don't bring the vehicle for long and heavy duty trips.

4.       Miscellaneous

o    Always park in a garage, a shaded area or have a car cover.

o    Turn off all lights and electrical accessories when the car is off.

o    Use a proper jumper, and never a makeshift one to avoid grounding or breaker the battery.

o    Avoid short trips at all times.

o    Disconnect the cables from the terminals if you won't use the car for two weeks or more.

    o    Don't trun on lights or electronics before turning the ignition on.

These car battery tips should help you keep the unit in good shape, and may even help prolong its service life. Motolite's batteries are certified to operate in the most extreme situations, but regularly monitoring your car's battery performance is still necessary.

Ensure your battery's optimum performance. Visit any of Motolite's Battery World outlet or any of Motolite's Authorized Dealer nearest you. For more information, call 370-6686 for Metro Manila or 1-800-10-370-6686 (toll-free outside Metro Manila).

Motolite Automotive Battery Tips