Reducing your Driving Expenses

Owning a car should be convenient and not expensive. The vehicle required enough overhead already, so there’s no need to make your life harder than it is. These cost-saving methods may seem incrementally beneficial, but it’s money saved in the end. Picking a diesel car isn’t the only way to reduce driving expenses. It will drastically lower daily costs, but in the long run, diesel car owners will spend as much as unleaded and premium car owners in terms of pure running outlay. 

There are many ways to reduce the costs of car ownership and maintenance, but these 10 are practical at best and should be very easy to put into practice immediately:

Fill Up in Cheaper Stations
There are gas stations that offer cheaper prices, if you still don’t know. Look for these real discounts while on the road. It should help you save hundreds in refueling expenses. Nonetheless, every peso you save is still a good sign. 

Find Cheaper Car Parks
If there’s anything that costs more than fuel on a regular basis, it’s parking fees. Weekly expenses can run upwards of PhP700 to PhP1000. Unless you have a six-figure salary, that amount isn’t peanuts. If you have to walk a little more, it’s worth it especially when you  look in your wallet and still see money.

Use Cooling and Heating Appropriately
These two consume quite an excessive amount of gas, so make sure to use them appropriately. Run on near low settings regularly, and only put them on full blast if
absolutely necessary.

Don’t Drive Erratically
If you don’t notice it yet, you step on the gas pedal to swerve and overtake. Those short bursts cost a lot more fuel than you think, so just drive peacefully if you want to save on gas for the entire week. 

Keep Your Tires Pumped
When the tires are full, your car won’t feel so sluggish. It’s a fact that lower air pressure leads to higher fuel usage, so keep the tires pumped. Check the tires every three days to keep on top of the air pressure.

No Open Windows
The faster you drive, the more Mother Nature holds you down. Opening your windows is a drag nightmare, and it will certainly take more fuel to run the car. Keep it closed, unless you’re driving at a snail’s pace. 

Drive on Higher Gears
Shifting to higher gears doesn’t necessarily mean driving faster. This only means giving the engine more overhead. Still, never go higher than two gears.

Find the Right Car Insurance
If you’re a safe driver, you probably don’t need the most extensive car insurance. As such, look for the insurance that covers enough of your needs.

Avoid Short Journeys
Walk to where you need to go if it is close enough and you are able to. Driving short distances is a mighty waster of fuel.

Pool or Don’t Drive on Coding Days
Sharing on some days or just not driving on coding days should prolong fuel life and save you money. Remember, you still have to pay for parking daily. Not bringing your car should save you a few hundred bucks. 

Don’t Buy Fuel Additives
It doesn’t work, and the money you put into buying it is not going to improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

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