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What does the New Technology Full Calcium Motolite offer?

Motolite now has calcium in both negative and positive grids, thus making it full calcium. Calcium strengthens the plates which gives the battery a longer life. Calcium also reduces the gassing caused by the reaction between the active material and the electrolyte. Corrosion is thus minimized.

Why did Motolite come up with a new line of batteries?

The new Motolite line is a product of years of research and development and a thorough understanding of consumers' needs. Thus, OMMC now offers the best battery in the market to show gratitude to its loyal customers.

Is the New Technology Full Calcium Motolite more expensive than the traditional Motolite Classic (Dry-charged)?

There are three variants available: Excel. Gold and Enduro. Motolite Enduro is priced almost at par with the traditional Motolite. Motolite Gold and Excel are premium batteries with superior features.

What are the differences among the Motolite variants?

Motolite offers several variants to address different needs of its customers. The variants differ in ratings, warranty, number of plates and other features.

Does Motolite have a delivery service?

Yes. Motolite offers its Express Hatid Service in Metro Manila and key cities nationwide. Dial 370-6686 for Metro Manila and 1-800-10-370-6686 (toll-free outside Metro Manila).

What makes Motolite a world-class product?

The Trusted Leader:

PBI , makers of Motolite ( Philippines ), Century ( Malaysia ) and Supercharge ( Australia )   is the undisputed no. 1 battery manufacturer in the country.  For many decades, it has been powering the nation’s transportation and industries through its line of  products- ranging from automotive, motorcycle, to industrial batteries for applications such as mining vessels, forklifts, solar power sites, and marine industries.

Over the years, Motolite has remained to be the strong market leader with the best technology in the automotive battery industry. It has continuously delighted customers with its superior quality and unparalleled performance, making it the consumers’ battery brand of choice.   

Manufacturing Excellence:

Philippine Batteries Incorporated (PBI), maker of Motolite , is a TS16949 and ISO-certified production plant that is one of the largest and most modern battery manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia. PBI employs a fully-integrated closed-loop manufacturing and distribution process that covers material-sourcing, component design and production, assembly,  charging, distribution and recycling.

Globally recognized:

PBI manufactured  batteries, being at par with global standards, are distributed and sold in the United States, European, Middle Eastern, Australian and Asian markets.


The Choice of Local Automotive Industry:

In the Philippines, PBI Manufactured batteries, thru it’s OE Sales and Marketing arm,  has 95% share of the Philippine Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers market, making it the battery supplier of choice for many distinguished automotive brands.  It is also a supplier to the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the Philippines .