Motolite Motorcycle Batteries Power Up the Hardcore Brothers, Easy Ride, In the Heart of the Philippines, Visayas (3rd Season)

May 30, 2011
HARDCORE BROTHERS EASY RIDE is a real life TV adventure and travelogue that shows what happens on a long motorcycle road trip through the eyes of seven riders. The different background and character of each biker ensures a dynamic viewing pleasure as they tour the scenic and historical spots of the provinces they will be going to. .

Aside from this, the show will have a segment every episode wherein a bike that will be chosen will be customized ala MTVs Pimp My Ride.

This is the first and only travelogue type of TV show in the Philippines that shows the actual points of view of free spirited motorcycle enthusiasts. No showbiz pretensions, just pure unadulterated freedom ride all throughout.

Watch the premiere on Sunday, June 5, 11AM at Studio 23.

Click this link to watch the preview of the 3rd season: