Motolite Brings Fun to Motorcycle Convention

July 8, 2009

Motolite Motorcycle Batteries is one of the major sponsors in the 15th Annual Convention of the National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines, which was held in Baguio City last May 8 to 10, 2009.
To cater to the growing number of motorcycle enthusiasts in the country, Motolite sponsored fun activities for the convention delegates. First is the Motolite Best Club/Ride Photo Contest where federation member-clubs were invited to submit photos of their club activities and rides. These photos were pieced together at the Motolite photo wall where riders took time to visit and gaze at themselves, their co-riders, the featured clubs and bikes. Rider Clubs also joined the Motolite Best MTV Contest. Music videos about their clubs were submitted, focusing on the theme unity and fellowship. It was bracing to watch how all these clubs presented and had compiled all their adventures in a 2-minute video. Both of these contests were triumphantly conquered by Disciples Motorcycle Club of the Philippines. There was also the Motolite Pormang Gwapo 2009 Contest which captured the attention of the convention delegates. With contestants all geared-up at stage, they promoted how riders could be safe and yet still have that pormang gwapo look while driving.

Aside from the fun activities, Motolite sponsored a 15-minute presentation. Led by the company's Product Development Manager, Mr. Edgardo Siongco discussed how Motolite continues to provide the growing number of motorcyclists in the country with safe, reliable, and long-lasting batteries.

In spite of the bad weather, the event was truly a success and the support from riders all over the country was undeniably shown in this convention. 

Boasting of the latest advances in motorcycle battery technology, Motolite continues to innovate and produce superior batteries. Motolite's new 12-volt motorcycle batteries have been infused with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology for greater fluid retention and longer life. AGM technology also makes the batteries more versatile, as they can now be installed at any angle required by the make and model of the motorcycle – even upside down if needed. 
Motolite batteries are manufactured by Philippine Batteries, Inc. (PBI), the largest manufacturer, exporter and distributor of automotive, motorcycle and industrial battery products and solutions in the Philippines. Its 18-hectare fully integrated facility in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, is one of the largest and most modern battery manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia. It also has the country's only ISO 14001-certified, environmentally-compliant recycling facility, the second biggest in Asia.